Candy Print Temporay Mini Tattoos – 144 piece pack


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Bulk mini candy sweet design temporary tattoos 144 pieces

Each mini tattoo measures approx 2.5cm square and comes in 6 designs

These are perfect for your party bags or as favours in pass the parcel

Candy print temporary tattoos, pack of 144, with 6 assorted designs. 

1 1/2″ square

Apply with water, washes off with water and soap. 

Compliant with FDA regulations

*This product is not allowed to be used on lips or any body surface covered by a mucous membrane (including eye area). 

*3 years +

Allergy warning Ingredients: Acrylic Acid/Methacrylate/Butyl Methacrylate Polymer, Cellulose Acetate, Butyrate, Sucrose Acetat, Isobutyrate, Polyvinyl Butyral, Dipropylene Glycol, Dibenzoate, Terpene Resin,
May Contain: D&C Red No. 7, D&C Yellow No.10, D&C Blue No.4, D&C Green No.6, D&C Black No.2, Titanium Dioxide